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Mission and Organization
Spreckels Organ Society

Founded in 1988 as a non-profit California corporation, the mission of the Spreckels Organ Society is to preserve, program and promote the Spreckels Organ as a world treasure for all people. With over 1,900 members world-wide, and governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees, the Society presents more than 100 concerts a year. Through vigorous publicity, we attract over 100,000 people annually, including more than 11,000 fifth graders to our Educational Outreach Program. The Society depends upon the support of its member-friends to continue its day-to-day mission. You are helping us to fulfill the vision of the Spreckels Brothers to inspire, uplift and enrich society through great music, FREE to all.


Dr. Carol Williams - Civic Organist


Vivian Evenson - Chairman of the Board
George Hardy- President
Randy Ward- Vice President/Parliamentarian
Donald P. Snowden - Secretary
Cliff McMillan - Treasurer


Charles Ballinger

Jared Jacobsen

Edward Barr
Jack Lasher

Mitch Beauchamp

David Nesvig

Andrea Card

Marion Persons

Len Filomeo

Lynn Reaser

Dennis Fox
Jean Samuels

Bill Galante

Jed Sundwall

Richard Griswold

Richard Vandervoort

Nicholas Halbert

Tom Warschauer

Pamela Hartwell

Peter Way

Julie Hudson

Administration / Ex-Officio Trustees

Artistic Director - Dr. Carol Williams

Co-Curator - Lyle Blackinton

Co-Curator - Dale Sorenson

Executive Administrator - Ross Porter

San Diego Civic Organists

Humphrey John Stewart (1917-1932)

Royal Albert Brown (1932-1954)

Charles Rollin Shatto (1954-1957)

Douglas Ian Duncan (1957-1978)

Jared Jacobsen (1978-1984)

Robert Plimpton (1985-2000)

Carol Williams (2001-)

Curators of the Spreckels Organ

Roy Tolchard (1915-1932)

Edwin A. Spencer (1932-1947)

Leonard Dowling (1947-1974)

Lyle Blackinton (1974-)