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Spreckels Organ Society


Are You a Photographer?

The Spreckels Organ Society is looking for a few photographers. More specifically, a squad comprised most likely of enthusiasts, students, emerging folks, etc.
The 99 year old Spreckels Organ, housed in the very photogenic Balboa Park Organ Pavilion, is a major San Diego attraction. Concerts are performed 52 weeks a year on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 P.M and on Monday evenings with dramatic facade lighting during the summer months. All the organ concerts are free and attendance is unrestricted, with a variety of activities in progress during the music. Photographic opportunities go well beyond just organists at the console. Photo essays of the concerts are posted on the Society's website that is viewed by two to four thousand people per month. See links below.
In addition to posting on the website, the photographs are used to support other Society media and are provided in response to various outside media requests. About half of the concerts are photographed. The Society is almost exclusively a voluntary endeavor, as is the photography. The Society envisions spreading the effort among several photographers. The attractiveness to potential photographers is the opportunity to shoot some fine photography, gain event photography experience, porfolio and resume building, produce photo essays, be involved in a highly visible civic and historic program and meet some interesting people. If the photographer is also a musician it's even more attractive.
Qualifications are pretty simple: ability to shoot, edit and deliver competent, tasteful images with appropriate captions. Persons interested might consider visiting the links below and then checking out one of the concerts and taking some photographs. Point of contact is Bob Lang, the current Society photographer, at langteam@aol.com or (858) 565-9062 (H).
Links:Spreckels Organ Society website: www.sosorgan.org


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