Valentine Collage - Guest Organist Alison Luedecke

with Bass Vocalist Walter DuMelle

February 12, 2017

Valentine Collage

Spreckels Organ Society
Carol Williams, Artistic Director
Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego
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a4 R8L_8343AJR85

a6 R8L_8328AJR85

a8 R8L_8350AJR85

b0 R8L_8353AJR85

b2 R8L_8506AJR85

b4 REL_5936AJR85

b6 R8L_8382AJR85

b8 R8L_8375AJR85

c0 R8L_8389AJR85

c2 R8L_8371AJR85

c4 R8L_8330AJR85

c6 R8L_8334AJR85

d0 R8L_8379AJR85

d2 R8L_8480AJR85

d4 R8L_8410AJR85

d6 R8L_8363AJR85

d8 R8L_8405AJR85

e0 R8L_8452AJR85

e2 R8L_8448AJR85

e4 R8L_8428AJR85

e6 R8L_8441AJR85

e8 R8L_8519AJR85

f0 R8L_8476AJR85

f2 REL_5919AJR85

f6 R8L_8467AJR85

f8 R8L_8500AJR85

g0 R8L_8462AJR85

g2 R8L_8463AJR85

g4 R8L_8429AJR85

g6 R8L_8524AJR85

g8 REL_5933_4_fusedPJR85


Photographs by Bob Lang
Web Design by Robert Harrington

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