Raul Prieto Ramirez and The San Diego Children's Choir

Veterans Day Concert

Novenber 11, 2018

Raul & Console

It's Fixed!
The Spreckels Organ had been inoperative for about six weeks due to a failed blower motor.


Spreckels Organ Society
Raul Prieto Ramirez, Artistic Director
Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego

__a0 85L0543JR85

__a1 R8L0437JR85

__a2 85L0599JR85

__a3 85L0545JR85

__a4 R8L0450JR85

__a6 85L0581JR85

__b1 85L0561JR85

__b2 85L0564JR85

__b3 85L0572JR85

__b4 85L0573JR85

__b5 85L0677JR85

__b6 R8L0444JR85

__c0 85L0583JR85

__c1 85L0592JR85

__c2 R8L0455JR85

__c3 85L0593JR85

__c4 85L0678JR85

__c5 R8L0458JR85

__c6 R8L0466JPR85

__d0 85L0632JR85

__d1 85L0604JR85

__d2 85L0611JR85

__d3 85L0621JR85

__e0 85L0643J2R85

__e1 85L0660JR85

__e2 R8L0443JR85

__e3 R8L0468JR85

__e4 85L0672JR85

__e6 85L0665JR85

__e7 85L0690JR85

__e8 R8L0470JR85


Photographs by Bob Lang
Web Design by Robert Harrington

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